Botcho Original Cream


Botcho cream is very safe and got no side effects at all. It is redistributed once in the body so there are no chances of one side growing bigger and the other side not growing. Only the amount required for use at that particular moment will be used up by the body The product will stay put till the next session and it can redistribute to the butt and hips area. . it works by localising glycogen and fat storage to the hips and butt area and also ensuring there is persistent muscle build up in the butt and hips. Muscle doesn’t finish easily and there for the results are permanent. Results start showing from 2 weeks but full results in 5 weeks. Normally one cream of the Nice Body botcho is enough to show visible results but due to differences in our bodies, some clients use two or 3 tins to achieve very big hips and butt. Botcho works perfectly when used alone but will work extremely well when combined with yodi pills which are also safe for use.

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